Besty’s Mexico now gives you the best of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo & Area


Besty’s Mexico now gives you the best of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo & Area
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5 Ways To Avoid “Business Death By The Fake Review”

TripAdvisor fined $600,000 for fake reviews   This took place in Italy where obviously they take 100% authentic seriously.  My read is that Trip Advisor is not being accused of generating the fake reviews themselves, but not having enough built in safeguards to prevent this from happening.  Thus they were deemed culpable.

How do you as protect yourself against being the victim of one of these fake bad reviews?  Or perhaps even one partially accurate bad review based on a very isolated incident in your establishment.

Trip Advisor is a beomoth in the industry…..over….   Yelp……  Chowhound…..   Expect more and more review sites and competitors for the above.  The traffic these sites receive

Have you got a website where you take submissions and publish reviews about your business.

Have you got a manager or consultant with experience monitoring your accounts 24/7 and proposing actions?

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