Besty’s Mexico now gives you the best of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo & Area


Besty’s Mexico now gives you the best of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo & Area
Like the Facebook Page and get all the news and events you need to stay on top of what’s good, actually best, in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Plus you get Deals, Promotions (or Promocions if you are speaking Espanol) and Reviews.  It’s 5 Star Mexico. So whether you are a tourist or a local our new Media property from will serve you well.

The Big Ideas Mastermind Summit Set For Jan. 5-8, 2018 in Ixtapa


Tequila Blues Explosion Festival International, Jan 5-7, 2018


Our First Annual. We’re excited.  A new model for Music Festivals in tourist destinations.  “Experiences”

Openings for long term sponsorships and partnerships.  Please contact Interim Executive Director, Bob Rempel at “bob at”  to start the conversation.

Join Our Team. Make A Difference. Show Your Leadership. Volunteers and Sponsorships chairpersons currently being recruited.

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See you at The Fest.  Remember, “We’ve Got The Blues…Not Them”



MentorU Looking For The Young & Talented Who Want To Learn Business


The following  was posted on Realizing Potentials page on Facebook  on Tuesday this week.


“Young and Talented? Want your own digital business right now with a Mentor/Coach/Partner built in?

We have a new MentorU project here at Realizing Potentials. (Realizing Potentials is a cause related project of The RempelGroup and founder and CEO, Bob Rempel)

For talented young people who want to partner with the Rempel Group, which is me, Bob Rempel, as owner, to help develop some underdeveloped website properties and some ecommerce, kindle, and web app projects. These ideas and domains have been sitting around much too long. I’ve invested in them, I will continue, but they need to be developed. Which brings us to MentorU

Easy entry to part ownership. Sweat Equity it is typically called, but let’s call it Brain & Sweat Equity instead. A small sign up/committment fee of $100 to join the program can be paid up front. Or you can choose to have $150 deducted from initial revenues.

After that we typically we will share profits and you will be an owner of a legitimate online business with almost unlimited potential to earn based on two things: 1) working smart 2) working hard. Of course we could add networking and good fortune and more but those are the two main things.

Simply, your talent and dedication will determine how far you go here as a business owner.

I’ve been distracted by my work in creating the 20-20-Leaders With Vision Business Coaching Program (see but now it’s time for me to at least give part of my time to mentoring and coaching the talented people who apply to join. Yes, I realize I will also benefit as the businesses grow.

How to apply and get in? Like this page, please first and then leave your name in the comments with a simple message that you are interested. Working in multiple languages is very helpful in all business and these projects, however, some English will be necessary. All types of backgrounds and interests are useful. Passionate interests and being a quick learner will work best.

You’ll hear from me asking for more information about yourself. Look forward to working together as partners, with me as your mentor and coach and much more as required.”

Can You Say No To A Renewed Relationship & Double Your Business Clients?


Can You Say No To A Renewed Relationship & Double Your Business Customers?

Local Search Seen As Most Powerful Online Channel For Local Biz

Local Search Voted Most Powerful Channel For Local Businesses

Local Search most power, best roi, of all strategies for business, organization that want to keep growing in their geographic market.  So reports this article by the BrightLocal people summarizing the results of a recent survey they conducted.

So whatever your business, or whomever your customers, this is more evidence to support the mantra message I deliver constantly: Local online strategies deliver results that leverage your marketing expenditure on them, the best.

Our program is called Double Your Customers, key component are dominating Local Search followed by Reputation Marketing (efficiently collecting as many as possible and marketing your positive customer reviews).  

Google, as you might expect, dominates local search.  Recently they made some drastic changes in how they present their local results making it more difficult to appear in the results at all, but conversely making an appearance far more valuable.  

Our recent 28 page Whitepaper on “Doubling Your Customers Through Google Local” is available for free download.  Signup up HERE now to download.  As well, for all verified local business operators who signup, you’ll also receive a complimentary 3 month subscription to our “Ahead of the Curve”  weekly briefing newsletter on all things Local Marketing that you want to know before your competitors do.

This guest post by Bob Rempel originally appeared at in conjunction with their Double Your Customers program and services, provided by their Integrity Online Services division.  The Mexico connection is the initial Client event in March, 2016 in gorgeous Zihuatanejo Mexico, which customers can have included in their retainer agreement. Full disclosure: RempelGroup owns the domain name and site.



Attracting More Long Term Visitors To Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Project


Old School method-New School technology. Classified Ad, Copywriting, Telling A Story. Better if it’s True. Potential for excellent ROI

RempelGroup announces Integrity Online Services

21Comm/RempelGroup consulting services based in Ixtapa, Mexico as well as Canada and USA recently announced a new service for business who want to enhance their customer reviews and manage it better.

More information at the link below

Integrity Online Services Announcement

21Comm/RempelGroup are the owners and publishers of the website.

The Best of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

Here’s what the Five Star Alliance has for the best five star hotel accomodations for Ixtapa-Zihuatenejo  

Browse their whole site for listings in other Mexico.  

If you want our exclusive listings of condo, resort and hotel accomodations that will give you the five star experience at three and four star prices, and information about our specialty group services and promotions, please email us at  with the words MexicoTravel in the subject line.

Cancun-Riviera Maya is the Golf Destination of the Year for Latin America & the Caribbean


Golf options keep growing in Mexico, for travellers and locals alike. The state of Quintana Roo was recently recognized as the Golf Destination of the Year for Latin America and the Caribbean for 2015 

Tourism operators will take note and expect Golf travel to continue to increase in Mexico.

There are currently a total of 17 different golf course play options in the state and most recent data shows 200,000 rounds of golf played in the state for an economic value of $30 million. Full details of the 2015 Golf Destination Awards are available HERE.

The wide variety of options for the tourist is being heavily promoted by the state of Quintana Roo to show there is an enhanced travel experience available.  According to this recent news story in the Mexican English language newspaper The News , the state also boasts three convention centers, more than 30 hotels specializing in groups and conventions, 17 golf courses, 34 theme parks, 58 spas, 12 archaeologic zones, as well as sport fishing and shopping,