RempelGroup announces Integrity Online Services

21Comm/RempelGroup consulting services based in Ixtapa, Mexico as well as Canada and USA recently announced a new service for business who want to enhance their customer reviews and manage it better.

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Integrity Online Services Announcement

21Comm/RempelGroup are the owners and publishers of the website.

Tourism Growth -up 20 per cent in 2014-29.1 visitors

Tourism facts:  Imagine if there was a positive spin on visiting Mexico.  Even in spite of negative reports about safety in Mexico, country visits increased by 20 per cent in 2014 up to 29.1 million visitors with the average dollar (USD equivalent) spending per visitor being $552.  International tourists spend on average $900 per trip when you break out business and other visitors.

The strong US and Canadian dollar vis a vis the Mexican peso is certainly part of that, but in the end Mexico is loved for its beautiful playas, ease to get to, variety of tourism experiences,and great word of mouth from tourists who go back home and relate personal experience that all is well.

  • Watch for a continued growth of adventure travel as well environmental and volunteer activist travel.

Is Your Restaurant Well Listed-Well Reviewed


Here’s a great resource for ensuring your restaurant and bar, large or small, is well listed.  For the well reviewed and building raving fans part, you could talk to us about our training and supervision for your staff so they can gradually asssume these roles, or our full hands on daily service packages for your business.

You know your business best!  What is the value of one new customer a day brought in by a great review of your business? That’s 30 new customers a month.  What is the value of your business being consistently found near the top of any online local listing used to find a place to eat or drink.  How much could you save in advertising and marketing expenditures if you were consistently being found in search results?

List Your Restaurant in These Online Directories [Infographic]


Realizing Potentials, non profit, in early phase development


Please check over at for the latest updates on the Realizing Potentials project during our early stage development and sign up for our email updates.


We are pleased to announce that the Realizing Potentials project is live and active in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico it’s testing and development location.

Realizing Potentials is a development project that will help young people with identified potential to be future leaders in every sector of society.

Initially it will act to motivate and encourage them and help remove barriers that are in their way.  It will match the young people with the skills, experience and resources of active and semi-retired in a one-to-one mentoring arrangement.   That portion of the program will be termed MentoringU and may eventually be spun off to be a stand alone program.

The project and it’s leadership will always think globally and locally at the same time, and will be solutions focused with a one person at a time philosophy.  It will be people focused primarily, but flexible to act as well in areas such as environmental protection and animal rescue and protection or others once the people resources are in place.

In it’s early phase the project will be located in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Winnipeg, Canada. Young people from 13-29 will be considered for inclusion.  Sports programs, language, cultural and technology training and access to micro funding for entrepreneurial or community initiatives will also be part of the program.

“After six years providing executive and day-to-day leadership and management at a Winnipeg non profit that utilized a social enterprise model to create real employment in support of mental health in the community, and a government and a private sector careers earlier, this is the kind of program I can get behind 100% and lead and impact young people’s lives throughout the world”, said Robert (Bob) Rempel, initiator of the program.

“The appeal of this program to both participants and future funders and supporters, I believe”, said Rempel, “is that we are going to work to develop individuals to their full potential if they become motivated enough to join with us, and we are going to resurrect the talents and training of late career individuals or semi-retired individual and involve them in truly meaningful ways.

People connections is the essence of a true sustainable non profit organization, my experience tells me,” said Rempel.

Further announcements about programs and participants will be made during the early growth and test phase expected to last until November 1, 2015.

For more information on the project at this stage please visit Facebook:  and this website:

Contact Bob Rempel at or 755-101-5989  Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

5 Ways To Avoid “Business Death By The Fake Review”

TripAdvisor fined $600,000 for fake reviews   This took place in Italy where obviously they take 100% authentic seriously.  My read is that Trip Advisor is not being accused of generating the fake reviews themselves, but not having enough built in safeguards to prevent this from happening.  Thus they were deemed culpable.

How do you as protect yourself against being the victim of one of these fake bad reviews?  Or perhaps even one partially accurate bad review based on a very isolated incident in your establishment.

Trip Advisor is a beomoth in the industry…..over….   Yelp……  Chowhound…..   Expect more and more review sites and competitors for the above.  The traffic these sites receive

Have you got a website where you take submissions and publish reviews about your business.

Have you got a manager or consultant with experience monitoring your accounts 24/7 and proposing actions?

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Great Mentoring Far More Than Finding The First Person Who Says He-She Will Mentor You.



Often overlooked in the personal development literature is the role of the life and business (for profit or not for profit) mentor. So much talent in mid and late career that wants to give back and just needs to be organized.  Same reason I loved coaching youth after a successful competitive amateur sports career.  Some great thoughts at this Idealist Careers article about the importance of diversifying your mentoring.

Watch for a new social enterprise coming soon providing mentoring, training and assistance to Mexican youth and young adults who participate on a voluntary basis with sponsorship. Announcement and details will be at and at the project’s new website.  For more information prior to February 1 launch date, contact Project Leader, Bob Rempel at


Cancun-Riviera Maya is the Golf Destination of the Year for Latin America & the Caribbean


Golf options keep growing in Mexico, for travellers and locals alike. The state of Quintana Roo was recently recognized as the Golf Destination of the Year for Latin America and the Caribbean for 2015 

Tourism operators will take note and expect Golf travel to continue to increase in Mexico.

There are currently a total of 17 different golf course play options in the state and most recent data shows 200,000 rounds of golf played in the state for an economic value of $30 million. Full details of the 2015 Golf Destination Awards are available HERE.

The wide variety of options for the tourist is being heavily promoted by the state of Quintana Roo to show there is an enhanced travel experience available.  According to this recent news story in the Mexican English language newspaper The News , the state also boasts three convention centers, more than 30 hotels specializing in groups and conventions, 17 golf courses, 34 theme parks, 58 spas, 12 archaeologic zones, as well as sport fishing and shopping,



Zihuatenejo receives City of Peace award from UN Agency


Here is the link. In Spanish.  City of Peace award to Zihuatenejo

Well deserved, I say after just a week of observation.  Great people, and wonderful community.